hello. i'm lauren.
i love parties.
i buy too many succulents.
i spray paint almost everything.
i live in ca. and will never leave.
i'm obsessed with black and white
i enjoy sunsets.. with a glass of wine.
i could spend hours at the hardware store.
i need coffee every morning.
my fave accessory is garland
i'm currently in love with fringe, ombre, and tassels
i studied fashion design.
my pets are like my kids.
i like stripes. a lot.
i enjoy baking as long as there are 5 ingredients max.
i'll cook with more though.
fresh flowers make me extremely happy.
i like gardening. but really only with herbs.
i have a craft supply hoarding problem.
i believe every party needs confetti.
i use too many exclamation points and smiley
faces in emails.
i get really excited over paper and office supplies.
i think lowercase letters look way 
better than UPPERCASE.
daytime tv drives me insane.
i consider myself an aspiring photographer.
but i'm way better at designing party decor.
i quit my day job to do what i love. this.
so here i am :)
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